Creative Visualisation – A Little Story

March 27, 2007

How does visualisation work?

Well no one knows for sure exactly how it works but recent quantum physics discoveries suggest that everything in the universe is connected. At the very basic level of vibrating particles, you, me and the chair you’re sitting on are all made of the same stuff.

However we all seem to resonate at different frequencies and we attract that with which we most resonate. Law of Attraction see?

Let me tell you a little story……

Some years ago when when I first got married I used to work in a restaurant. The owner was a bit of a gruff guy who wasn’t there very often and regularly left me in charge.

I loved the job but spent a lot of time in my head about how (if I owned the place) I would make the food healthier and improve the seating and the lighting and change all the tables around etc. I fantasized about the way I would have things. You know what its like – everyone always thinks they can do better than the person who actually owns the place!

I was really into food during that time of my life especially salads and deserts to the extent that I used to try them out on my family and every time we went out anywhere to eat I would take a good look at how the food was presented and what the lighting arrangements were. Round about the same time we were looking for a new home more centrally located and with a bit of office space for my partner who had just started a small business.

We found the ideal place and set everything in motion. Builders were booked to redo the ground floor which had been used for something – we didn’t know what. Imagine our surprise then when we discovered the premises had planning consent for a catering outlet. Now this kind of consent was hard to come by in those days with most applications having to wait a year or more and it had never been part of our plan anyway.

But we wasted no time in reorganizing the ground floor into absolutely great restaurant space. We did have to take out a loan for the kitchen equipment etc. but within the space of six months all that was repaid. I had the place almost exactly as imagined in my earlier ‘mind fantasies’ but we were so busy there was no time to stop and think ‘hey how did I get here?’. The following year I waa awarded a gold star (the highest rating) in a national eating out guide, Just A Bite.

In those days I had never even heard of ‘creative visualisation’, much less thought that it could work and it was only several years later when someone gave me a book on the subject of visualisation as a gift, that I began to realise what had happened.

If someone had said to me at the beginning of that year that I would be running a successful restaurant within three months and making a good go of it I certainly would have laughed. And if I had planned it, I also know all my usual doubts and fears that would have crept in. ‘Can I really do this?’ and ‘Suppose things go wrong’, not to mention ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ and ‘I’ve never run a business before – how am I going to manage? whatever makes me think I can do this?’

I now know that this is a classic example of what can happen if we use visualisation to achieve something we really feel good about – even if we don’t know that we want it! Once we’ve decided on something it’s the doubts and fears that seem to pop up that can knock things on the head and we self sabotage.

Here are some guidelines for successful visualisation

  • Set aside about half an hour every day when you know you won’t be disturbed, put your feet up and close your eyes. Closing your eyes puts you in an ‘alpha’ brainwave state which makes your subconscious more receptive
  • Take some deep breaths, relax, suspend for the time being all your worries and fears (they’ll still be there for you when you’ve finished)
  • Be clear about what it is you want. Then imagine your goal and believe that you are living it. Put as much detail in as possible – go through it with as much emotion as you can and feel the joy and achievement. See yourself doing it and being it as if it were really happening
  • Do not even for a moment think about the how. The universe will take care of that. If you keep worrying about how it’s going to happen you’re wasting energy and limiting options.

When you’ve finished think no more about it until the next day when you’re ready to do it again. Instead concentrate on other good things.

Remember these techniques are used by top athletes, golfers, public speakers and more and more companies are offering courses in visualisation to their top executives.